The supply of energy from renewable and sustainable sources is indeed the goal of many countries. The demand for energy is an increasing need in the process.

Respecting and Protecting the Environment is ENERGYeti-CO2‘s Vision. Environmental catastrophes, pollution, deforestation and climate change are becoming increasingly topical. ENERGYeti-CO2 with its sustainable technology wants to make a concrete contribution to stop this and the continuous deforestation (see Madagascar) and harmful occupation of land to produce energy and coal with the felling of trees and excavations that affect the local ecosystem and the future of the people who live there.

There are more than 2,200 inhabited islands in the European Union where, despite the abundance of renewable energy sources (wind, solar), the energy supply for their needs depends on costly imports of fossil fuels such as oil – fuels transported by hundreds of tankers in constant movement around the oceans with consequent spillage of effluents from washing or product leakage. These are real constant ecological bombs and in some cases cause immense environmental disasters.

According to our studies and results, the installation of GEA technology and the GEA H24 system, with the creation of several local Farm Wave Energy plants, can completely satisfy the energy needs of small and medium-sized islands that currently base their energy supply on fossil fuel plants, and would limit the dangerous transport of dozens of oil tankers, thus contributing to an important action to protect the planet.


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