• Absence of environmental impact.

• absence of land occupation

. • repopulation of fish areas of the facilities intended for the protection of marine species with a ban on all forms of fishing.

• increased fishing in the areas surrounding the plant areas

• delocalised energy production without the need to create fixed distribution networks for hundreds of thousands of islands around the world.

• energy autonomy for archipelagos, islands, territories bordering seas, oceans and large lakes

• . • food stability for tropical islands, and not only, guaranteed by the possibility of freezing the catch or in any case using the energy for other purposes of necessity (onu inspectors’ reports).

• elimination of thousands of batteries used, particularly on islands, to power torches at night, which, once exhausted, end up in the sea (onu inspectors’ reports).

• reduction of deforestation or elimination of tree felling on islands.

• sharing technology mobile phone charging, communication stability, energy availability, etc.).

• easy increase of energy in sur plus, simply by adding one or more systems of GEA technology with GEA H24 system to the “Farm Wave Energy” created.

• waste treatment, with specific plasma treatments, of which technologies have been present for decades, but, considered highly energy-intensive, therefore, not usable because they are too costly, preferring landfills and environmental pollution. the treatment can take place with unselected material and can also treat radioactive ma-terial from business, hospital, industry, etc.

• relocation of raw materials. when the “waste” at the end of the treatment process gives singas, hydrogen, water, glass, ingots of metals to be refined, etc., we can no longer speak of waste but of raw materials to be treated.

• plants and their surveillance. plants of a certain production size need adequate surveillance, both in relation to the energy produced and its destination, maintenance work, etc. such plants can al-so be a valid relocation for people with walking problems.

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