(Features) PROPERTIES GEA is certified by WavEC as a very promising and high performance system.

WavEC Offshore Renewables is a private association founded in 2003, with activities in several areas:
• Applied Research
• Certifications
• Consultation services
• Promotion of energy from the seas
• Mathematical Certification Technologies

Simple design
• Increased Reliability
• Easy production
• Very affordable

Excellent Submarine resistance
• Sottomarina
• To extreme weather conditions

Highly efficient PTO device
• Reliable design
• WavEC certified

Remote Monitoring/Diagnosis of modules and Farm Wave Energy
• Efficient and cost-effective maintenance
• Increased Production by adding Productive Modules

Safety Features
• Operates underwater
• Fully submerged in extreme climatic conditions
• Maximum safety design and mechanical protection

Auto Regulation Automatically
• adjusts to changing wave heights
• Maximum wave energy extraction capacity

Distributed Installation Solution
• Small groups of “Farm Wave Energy
• Economically doable and effective
• “Farm Wave Energy” are easily upgradeable on demand
• Distribution using standard equipment

Scalable energy distribution
• Easily sized to optimise wave energy extraction.

• Coexists with the surrounding marine environment
• Safe form of energy generation
• Reduced environmental risks and hazards
• No oil spills or leaks

• Helps the development and growth of the marine ecosystem
• The anchorages on the seabed are made of natural materials (patented).
• Production of wave energy “Zero CO2 emissions”
• Totally recyclable materials Minimal visual impact
• Minimal visual impact

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