At this particular time, we are all called upon to play a leading role in a genuine global change to preserve our planet and the life it generates.

In terms of definitions, it is also necessary to clarify the difference between renewable energy and sustainable energy. The two terms, which both refer to green energy, refer to different aspects:

  • Renewable energy: is the type of energy produced from energy sources that are not exhaustible, i.e. that regenerate, such as hydroelectric, solar, wind, marine and geothermal energy.
    Moreover, their use does not damage natural resources, as they do not release harmful and climate-changing substances into the atmosphere (e.g. carbon dioxide).
  • Sustainable energy: this is the type of energy that ties in with the concept of sustainable development, i.e. that form of economic development that also involves environmental protection for fu-ture generations. This form of energy production and consumption also concerns the efficiency of energy use.

ENERGYeti-CO2 with its GEA H24 technology and system shares both definitions, knowing that it can contribute to both of these causes. Despite its enormous potential, the energy of the sea is still under-exploited, especially when compared to other renewable sources such as the sun or wind. The supply of energy from renewable and sustainable sources is indeed the goal of many countries. The demand for energy is an ever-increasing need in a techno-logical process that promises to meet the world’s energy needs to ensure a future for generations to come.

The growth of this sector involves a constant evolution of the challenges inherent in the development of new products, envi-ronmental protection and compliance with regulations, for a real energy transition and sustainable mobility, in fact a green revolution.

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