With GEA’s H24, a fluid-dynamic technology, it is possible to transform the kinetic energy of waves into electrical energy. From Archimedes’ principle to systems based on wave amplitude, every day innovative systems are sought to exploit the movement of our seas and oceans more efficiently. At GEA, we believe in what we offer – a certified technology. ENERGYeti-CO2 with the GEA H24 system belongs to the W.A.B. category, Wave Activated Bodies, but the main feature on which the project was developed is the possibility of producing kinetic energy even from the wave, to produce kinetic energy even from small wave motions, such as the Mediterranean. The GEA Farm Wave Energy can be created with various specific adaptations regarding the type of installation and its constituent elements, systems that also include surface, semi-submerged, submerged or on-shore systems, methods foreseen and studied in the design phase that guarantee maximum performance in every configuration.
The GEA H24 system is like a high-tech marine buoy that uses wave motion to generate kinetic energy, which is converted into electrical energy via an alternator and then transmitted to land or to other ma-rine power systems, such as technologies on marine platforms.
Its ductility to all types of wave motion, even the most modest, ensures continuous high energy production. ENERGYeti-CO2 with its technology and the GEA H24 system has minimum annual performance of 50-60% (calculating the less active phases of the wave motion) with waves allowing 1 m of system height and a fre-quency between waves of 5 seconds.
Unlike other technologies, each “Farm Wave Energy GEA” is adapted to the needs of productivity with the type of buoy sized according to the generators used, guaranteeing energy production performance that is not intermittent as in the case of Solar or Wind powered systems. In order to protect the planet, all processes must be less impactful and, although there are still many steps to be taken, the growing use of hydraulic energy sources indicates that the energy industry is moving in the right direction.
Other technologies for producing energy from renewable sources have maximum average annual performance levels of:
Photovoltaic 12% – On Shore Wind 18% – Off Shore Wind 27% – European Nuclear and Hydro-Electric 30-35 %
(European Agency Data).
In fact, GEA’s technology is unmatched by current competitors in terms of average annual electricity production.
Environmentally Friendly
• Coexists with the surrounding marine environment
• Safe Energy Production
• Reduces environmental risks and hazards
• No oil spills or leaks
• Helps the development and growth of the marine ecosystem
• The anchorages on the seabed are made of natural materials (patented), depending on the type of installation
• Production of wave energy “Zero-CO2-emissions
• Totally recyclable materials
• Minimal visual impact


GEA technology and the GEA H24 system is the new simple and innovative “Wave Energy” Concept (WavEC).
High Efficiency
GEA H24 operates even with low wave motion (0.5m)
Wave Energy Direct Conversion System
• Minor energy loss during conversion
• Consistent high efficiency
New Wave Energy Frontier
• New paradigm for energy production.
Wave Energy Market Size
• Massive proportions
. • Massive market opportunities.
Gea technology and the GEA H 24 System allow:
• Shorter times for routine maintenance
• Reduced or no downtime
• Higher overall production
• Reduced and unnecessary maintenance costs
• Low maintenance cost
The technology is certified by WAVEC for the Adriatic, where with only 70 cm of wave and time between waves of about 4/5 seconds,
with GEA H24 systems of 7 kW, is able to produce at least with 50% of the electricity plate, ie 3.5 kW / h, this production
can exceed with waves from 1.5 ml high even values greater than 100%.
This is only possible with GEA technology, where GEA H24 systems are built specifically for the wave motion present in the target areas, with powers that can vary from a few watts to tens of kW, for example 500 watts, 3 kW, 5 kW, 7 kW, 10 kW, 15 kW, 20/30 / 50/70 kW. Green hydrogen, hydro-methane and energy from CO2 absorption

The Plasma Solution (drawing)

Substances previously regarded as waste are recycled into valuable products.
These are some of the possibilities that GEA technology allows in connection with GEA H24 systems.
In fact, GEA technology with the marine implementation of “Farm Wave Energy” and GEA H24 systems is the most advanced Green Technology and Wave Energy Converter on the world market.

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